INNODIA is now EDcertified

Thank you to @NGOsource for INNODIA's #EDcertified status. With our #equivalentydetermination on file in the NGOsource repository, we are looking forward to continuing the amazing work we do. To learn more about NGOsource, visit


First In-Person Network meeting

On April 11-12, 2024, the first INNODIA Network Event took place in Leuven. The attendance was overwhelming and we are filled with enthusiasm and gratification for the positive input from all participants. The diversity of attendees was highly valued and the feedback received indicates that this format facilitated meaningful connections and sparked innovative ideas among all INNODIA stakeholders.

168 people attended our first event! We hosted representatives from members, medicine developers, INPACT associates, funders, investors, and partners. Some attendees represented more than one stakeholder, showcasing the diverse and blended nature of our community!

Reception Brouwerszaal