We strive
for a world without
Type 1Diabetes

INNODIA accelerates the development of therapies to prevent and cure type 1 diabetes


  • We bring together the leading experts in type 1 diabetes                                   
  • We have assembled the best-in-class network of accredited clinical trial sites in Europe
  • We are the gateway to top notch professionals and research labs working on type 1 diabetes
  • We provide access to a qualified community of people and families living with type 1 diabetes everywhere

What we offer


For medicine developers

A plug-and-play platform to develop your disease-modifying therapies swiftly and more efficiently whilst incorporating the patient perspective



For diagnostic labs

Preferred access to top tier clinical trials in type 1 diabetes


For clinical trial sites

A leading role in the development of new disease-modifying therapies for your patients



For people living with type 1 diabetes

The opportunity to influence the design of patient-centric therapies with the prospect of improving the lives of people with type 1 diabetes



For research and innovation labs

An entry gate into the drug development arena to transform your science into therapeutic products and the unique opportunity to access precious data and samples


For entities involved with type 1 diabetes

Ad hoc opportunities to work with a world-renowned network of experts and to play an influencing role in eradicating type 1 diabetes



How academic researchers, scientists, industry, and patients liaise together to prevent and cure type 1 diabetes.

INNODIA is the largest European Network dedicated to preventing and curing type 1 diabetes and represents the point of contact between those who want to develop new therapies and those who have the tools and experience to do so. With the aim of spurring transformational innovation in type 1 diabetes, INNODIA provides full support to SMEs, biotechs, and other entities that might otherwise not invest in Type1Diabetes R&D due to high barriers to entry and low returns.

As a matter of fact, INNODIA convenes entities often with different incentives but united in the desire to address the same unifying unmet medical need: the lack of definitive cures for people living with type 1 diabetes.

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